Hope for the Home

HOPE FOR THE HOME is a weekend conference designed to help the pastor in his ongoing challenge of ministering to the most important unit of society – the Family. Since 1975 Jerry Drace has served as an evangelist to churches throughout the United States and numerous international countries. He has served pastors in mega churches and mission churches. Dr. Drace has listened to these men of God who have shared that one of their greatest challenges is meeting the needs of those individuals who comprise – the Family.

More Details

HOPE for the HOME is designed to effectively minister to nine major groups which comprise – the FAMILY. Through the preaching on Sunday and specialized sessions throughout the weekend, Jerry addresses the concerns of: Married couples, Senior citizens, the Divorced, Teenagers, Single Young Adults and Parents of Teens and Pre-Teens. Becky speaks to the hearts of Mothers, new and matured, and to all the adult women during the Sunday School hour.

HOPE for the HOME is designed to reach the maximum number of family members in your church and community with minimum demand on their time. A sample of the weekend schedule is as follows:

FRIDAY7:00-9:00PM – Couples Only – Jerry and Becky Drace
“44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage”
SATURDAY9:00 – 10:30AM – Seasoned Seniors – Jerry Drace
“Looking in the Rear View Mirror – The Myths of Growing Older”
9:30-10:30AM – Becky Drace
“Moving Through Motherhood”
SATURDAY11:00AM-12:30PM – Single Again – Jerry Drace
“Dynamics of Divorce – Picking Up the Pieces”
SATURDAY6:00-8:00PM – Youth Rally (teens only)
“Pizza, Praise, Proclamation – Living in a Broken  World”

Adult Men – “Proverbs and the Family” -Jerry Drace
Adult Women – “Overcoming Obstacles” – Becky Drace

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP – “Unless the Lord Builds The House”

Single Young Adults – “Careers, Challenges, Choices” – Jerry Drace (optional luncheon after worship)

SUNDAY DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING – A hour and a half before evening worship with the parents of teens and preteens.
“The Pressure of Parenting – The Characteristics of Teenage Years and 30 Ways to Communicate with your Child” – Jerry and Becky Drace

SUNDAY EVENING WORSHIP – “The Power of the Touch”