Devotion 10 – Communication is the Name of the Game

The number one complaint among married couples is the breakdown in communication after the first few years; in some cases after the first few weeks. Those conversing times before the marriage must continue after the ceremony. Your commitment to time with each other is as important as your vows of faithfulness to each other.  Women thrive on conversation because it says, “You really care about me and my feelings.”  Men talk mostly about external things.  Women live in the Information Age while many of us men are still enjoying the Stone Age.

Communication involves more than the verbal exchange of words.  Body language is as important if not more so than what is spoken.  It takes discipline to continue communicating after the vows are spoken, but it is well worth the effort. When the lines of communication are broken the marriage is soon to follow.

After reading together Psalm 37:30, and Matthew 15:11, talk to your spouse about the things which initially attracted you to her/him.  Plan a time each week where you and your spouse do nothing but talk and listen to each other concerning your feelings about the challenges taking place in your marriage and family.  Listen intently.  Speak carefully.

This series of devotions relating to marriage are taken from, 44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage, by evangelist and pastor Dr. Jerry Drace.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, or copies of the entire bookyou may contact Dr. Drace at: