Devotion 5 – Submission Begins With the Husband

Most husbands will tell you they are the head of their homes whether it is true or not. As one husband said, “If you don’t believe that I am the head of my house ask my wife. She told me I was.”  Being at the front of the pack doesn’t necessarily qualify you to be the lead dog.  Leadership is earned; especially spiritual leadership.  The Bible gives great insight into the man named Noah.  It tells us he was, “just, perfect in his generations, and walked with God,” Genesis 6:9. This means he was upright and honest. He was a man of moral integrity. He was a husband and father who consistently pleased God.  In other words, Noah earned the right to be the head of his family and ark.  If a husband must shout at his wife to get his point across and bark at his children to obtain their obedience, then basically all you have is a loud husband who acts like a dog.

Submission is one of the most misunderstood words in all of Holy Scripture. It has been used to bring “the little wife” into subjection and “the little urchins” into servitude.  Submission as found in Ephesians 5:22 means volunteer submission based on a commitment to proper order.  Man was created to be guided from his head and woman was created to be guided from her heart.  It is when these principles are reversed that trouble arises in the home.  Submission is not a principle on which to vote. It is a discipline to be practiced.  It is much like sky diving.  You either pull the rip cord or you don’t.

After reading together Genesis 6:9, and Ephesians 5:22-33,  share with your spouse the meaning of submission in today’s culture.  Is there any area in your marriage where submission is a real challenge?  If so, share this with your spouse in a caring, loving way.    

 This series of devotions relating to marriage are taken from, 44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage, by evangelist and pastor Dr. Jerry Drace.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, or copies of the entire bookyou may contact Dr. Drace at: