Devotion 16 – Be a Person of Integrity

I have a friend who is in charge of the vault in a very large bank. Every day he watches people either deposit valuables in their lockboxes or withdraw them for various reasons. He said some individuals will just turn their boxes upside down on the table with thousands of dollars pouring out and enough jewelry to turn the Pirates of the Caribbean green with envy. You can be rich with the trappings of this world and be impoverished in the area of character and integrity. A great marriage is not built on the things you can store in a lockbox, drape around your shoulders, or park in your garage. A great marriage is built on the intangibles of life; character, honesty and integrity.

Integrity is the foundation of all this is high and noble. It flows in the deep clear waters not in the shallows. It associates with that which is superior and does not keep company with that which is inferior. Integrity comes from those who are honest, sound from center to circumference, condemn wrong in friend or foe and especially in themselves; who are devout in their dealings, earnest in their expectations, genuine in their relations, and pure in their motives.

Integrity is not developed suddenly.  Just as an icicle is lengthened one drop at a time so is integrity in the seasons of marriage. If the water which forms the icicle remains clear, then it sparkles in the winter sun and is a source of wonder. If the water is muddy, then the icicle becomes an object of repulsion. We as husbands and wives must walk in our integrity drop-by-drop, day-by-day. Like the icicle, if our lives are pure and right, our marriages will be bright and clear.  However, if we say one thing and practice another our marriages will become tainted and polluted. The price of integrity is a righteous life which will strengthen your marriage. There is a high price to be paid for low living.

After reading together Proverbs 20:7, and Philippians 4:8, share with your spouse what the word, “Integrity” means to you. How is it demonstrated in your marriage, family and work? 

This series of devotions relating to marriage are taken from, 44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage, by evangelist and pastor Dr. Jerry Drace.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, or copies of the entire bookyou may contact Dr. Drace at: