Devotion 18 – Be Sensitive and Not Stubborn

Stubbornness is only a sign of strength when it comes to standing firm for that which is right and good.  The smallest amount of common sense is needed to makes that choice.  Otherwise, obstinacy becomes a source of pride which leads one to think they can do no wrong.  Pride and stubbornness are double first cousins.  A stubborn person is like a bass drum in that both sound loud only because of the emptiness inside.  A husband or wife who is obstinate resembles a pit bull which only lets go after the damage is done both to the dog and the victim. Being sensitive enough to admit you are wrong leads to the healing of a relationship.  Many a marriage has dissolved and passed down the drain of stubbornness and pride.  A stubborn husband or wife insists they are always right and pride makes them think of no one but themselves.

Jesus chose a clinging vine not a sturdy olive tree to teach us about our relation to Him.  He chose a defenseless lamb not a dominate lion when His earthly ministry was introduced on the banks of the river Jordan.  He chose a scrub bush not a lofty cedar to reveal himself to Moses.  A husband or wife who allows stubbornness and pride to control their lives is truly not in control of their marriage.  These two vices changed angels into demons.  Humility will give you the attribute of the angels. Someone once said that a humble person is like a good fruit tree – the fuller of fruit the branches are, the lower they bend themselves.  

After reading together Job 6:24, and James 5:19-20, ask yourself , “Are there areas in my life where stubbornness dominates?  Has pride created cracks in the foundation of my marriage?  Remember, what rests below the surface determines the strength of what stands above.

This series of devotions relating to marriage are taken from, 44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage, by evangelist and pastor Dr. Jerry Drace.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, or copies of the entire bookyou may contact Dr. Drace at: