Devotion 3 – Trust Each Other

What is the opposite of trust?  Simple, it is distrust. When spouses do not trust each other the relationship reverts back to high school dating.  Remember you would always ask the object of your infatuation who did they sat by at lunch, who did they talk to after class, who did they see at the mall? All the “who” questions are like a flock of geese always pecking at your heels. After awhile it gets annoying. If you do not trust your husband or wife you cannot have a solid marriage. It is like trying to live in a brick house without any mortar between the bricks. It will only stand until you slam a door or a strong wind blows up.

Just as trust in Jesus brings God greater glory than anything else you can provide, so does trust in one’s spouse. Trust is earned. It can be neither demanded, nor dictated.  C. S. Lewis stated, “To love involves trusting the beloved beyond the evidence, even against much evidence.”  Trust walks hand-in-hand with faith.  When the vows are exchanged the foundation of trust is laid on which the house of marriage will be built. The only way to make sure that house will remain standing is to never crack the foundation.  

After reading together Proverbs 31:11, and I Peter 4:8, share with your spouse the meaning of, “Trust”.  Reread the statement by C.S. Lewis and talk about its significance in your marriage.       

 This series of devotions relating to marriage are taken from, 44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage, by evangelist and pastor Dr. Jerry Drace.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, or copies of the entire bookyou may contact Dr. Drace at: